Hello stranger and welcome to my site!

Every once and a while I’ll write about my thoughts over here - mostly book reviews, sometimes other stuff. I’m hoping to start writing more tech related content, but that’s a work in progress 🙃

What I do

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Mozilla. I hack on Firefox on the Firefox Sync team 🦊. You can find my work on my github account.

I mostly write cross-platform Rust code that powers Sync. The code gets cross-compiled for both Firefox Android and IOS!

If this sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to chat, please feel free to reach out! I love geeking about Rust to those who’d hear me out 🦀

What I do outside of work

I’m a big book worm, I read a lot - non-fiction, biographies, business books, you name it! Sometimes you’ll find some of the books I read will make it to this site 📖

I also love working out 🏋️ Been lifting for a few years and nothing feels as good to me as the moment I leave the gym, I live for those endorphin hits 😍

Since I live in Vancouver, it’s mandatory that I also hike - been trying to get more into it, and the mountains here are wonderful ⛰️

A bit more about me

Where I’m from

I grew up in the beautiful city of Sana’a, Yemen. Moved to Canada when I was 17 as a refugee - It was a rough process and a cultural shock, but I’m extremely thankful to Canada for having me, and I constantly work hard to give back to the Canada for giving me this opportunity!


I graduated from a combined major in Business and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, where I got the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and learn a lot! Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite courses:

  • Parallel Computation: An amazing course on everything parallel programming related! Think algorithmic analysis of distributed parallel programs, internals of GPU architectures and everything in between!
  • Distributed Systems: A great course on.. well, distributed systems. Learned a ton of theory about distributed systems, built a few distributed systems (well as big as you can build in a university course 😅) and learned a ton about debugging distributed systems (tldr: it’s freaking hard)
  • Advanced Operating Systems: Probably my favorite course! Built a kernel from scratch - Had to write inline assembly, lots of C (which was a good reminder why I like Rust 😛) and finally understood a lot of concepts that I genuinely think make me a better developer!
  • Leadership and General Management: My favorite commerce course! It was taught by Bob Elton, previous CEO at BC Hydro and person hero of mine. Learned about leadership, personal and professional values and ultimately the course helped me develop my own values that helped me make my current professional choices! The course was modeled after Harvard’s MBA program - it was discussion based and it forced me to learn to listen and appreciate the magnitude of impact that diversity brings into a discussion.