A couple of weeks ago I started my first full time job at Mozilla after graduating from The University of British Columbia.

It feels weird and I am conflicted between being excited about the work that I’ll be doing and missing school and the structure I had for 5 years.

I went to university at a critical point in my life, I had just immigrated to Canada a year before, I knew no one going into my first few days of University, and I did not know what to do with my life - all I knew is that it’ll be something related to computers.


Through the past 5 years I was able to accomplish what I set out for and more! I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who was there for me along the way. Here’s a short list of everything that went well, I’ll follow that with a list of the things that went wrong - I think that’s more important, because things only go right when you understand why the went wrong 🙃

What went well

  • Graduated with honours from the B.Com program with a degree in Business and Computer Science
  • Was able to land a job that I love, with people I admire in an industry I’m passionate about using technology I’m excited to use 🔥
  • Had 2 great internships
  • Was involved in some clubs, like UBC’s Software Engineering Design Team (which I was co-president for a term)
  • Met many incredible people! Was able to surround myself with people who pushed me and supported everything I did
  • Was able to support myself by working as a Teaching Assistant for one of my favorite courses, teaching concepts I loved

What went wrong

  • Almost failed a couple of my first year courses (like literally 1 or 2 percent down and I would have had to re-take English 😰)
  • Got rejected hundreds of times when applying for internships
  • Went through a large cultural shock
  • Debt, debt, debt. I’m glad that I work in an industry that pays well, but damn.
  • I didn’t get into the Co-op program I applied to first (Thanks Sauder Co-op)
  • Oh and the million socially awkward situations I put myself in as I got used to Canadian social norms. Keeps me awake at night I swear 😫

The Future

I’m excited for what’s to come, school is over but that doesn’t mean the learning stops.

Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings, if you’re a university student or just wanna chat, feel free to reach out! Happy to ramble more!