Tarik Eshaq

Honouring the Women in My Life

Honouring The Women in My Life It’s international Women’s day. A post like this is overdue, and it’s a shame I only wrote this today. Family For those that know a little about me, you might know that I came to Canada from Yemen as a refugee in 2015 - I’ll post about this at some point, when I’m comfortable sharing my emotions about it. What you may not know however, is how my mom was able to single-handedly get me out of Yemen, get me into Canada, and give me a life I never would have imagined I would get.

The Trap of Hard Work

Atomic Habits So this post will be a very quick reflection on some of the insights I gained from reading the book “Atomic Habits”. It’s been a while since I read self-help books. I only picked this one up because I realized that my productivity has been going down in the past few months and I needed a change. Disclaimer This is not a review. This is specifically what I got out of the book and how I interpreted it.

Long Walk to Freedom

Book Writeups! Hello wild reader! I’ve always loved reading books, both technical and non technical. But one thing I constantly struggle with is keeping myself accountable to being consistent in my reading. So… This is an attempt to keep myself accountable by continuously writing about the books I read! The goal is to write a short blog post about each book I read, highlighting what I learned from reading it and any insights I gained.

Introduction to Linux - CPSC 213

Introduction For the fall term of 2020, I will be a TA for CPSC 213, an introduction to Computer Systems. I have TAed this course three times before, and since this term will be the first fall term the course is held online, I have been thinking hard about the troubles that students may face, and what I could do as a TA to make it easier. CPSC 213 is typicaly the first time students are expected to use a Linux development environment.

Starting a Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I’ve always thought about expressing my thoughts somewhere, and I think I finally might have something worth saying. Whether or not I have something worth reading, only time will tell 😄 For now, thank you for checking my site.